From the basic definition, auditing is the review of accounts to ensure actions are performing according to a specific goal. Marketers must review social media actions to understand the preferences of their digital audience.

Social media auditing is the next step in your digital marketing strategy. Audit your Social Media Performance to start providing content that really engages your current and new audience.

One thing is to create beautiful eye-catching posts driven by your own point of view, another is to start looking closely at what people really want to see.

Social media platforms distribute content according to algorithms that function based on people’s behavior. Understanding those common behaviors is essential to maximizing your social media effectiveness. The key in achieving a successful digital marketing plan relies on balance. Being flexible and adaptable on social media is critical due to dynamic changes in platforms, trends and behaviors.

Now, how you do you audit social media? Follow the next steps and you´ll understand the benefit of the exercise. Let’s start!

  1. Put together a list of all your Social Media Accounts in a template!*  

    Once you are sure you have tracked down all the relevant accounts, set up a social media monitoring program to keep an eye out for any new impostor accounts that might pop up in the future. This is also a good way to identify what the audience strongly values.

  2. Check if all content is aligned with the brand  

    Once you have recorded all your accounts, take the time to look at each one thoroughly to make sure it’s consistent with your current brand image and standards.

  3. Take actions on new social platforms that best fit your target

    Now that you have tracked each account and they are complete and brand-compliant, it´s time to go deeper. Go for an in-depth analysis by checking the total interactions (number of likes, comments, shares, and saved content) on your last 20 posts. Also, you need to track their reach from each of them and divide it by the number of total interactions. That way you get a numerical engagement rate.

  4. Identify patterns to improve

    Take the top 5 most engaged posts from the step before. Delve into and analyze factors such as topic, format, timing, caption length, and graphics. This evaluation will give you insight into what works best for your audience. Repeat for each past month.


Understand that not all content would be received in the same way or as you always expect. This is part of the dynamic world of social media: We must always be ready for the unexpected. At the end of the day, it’s still a process of continuous learning for most brands. To avoid drops on metrics, you must track and monitor behavior rigorously to make timely decisions and continue growing in the social media world!

However, at NVC we understand organizing your digital marketing analytics is not an easy task. That why we have prepared a handy tool that can help you identify and select the right KPIs for your strategy. Just fill in the information below and you will get it at your email:

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Audience behavior on Social Media changes every day. We understand that managing and planning a great digital strategy can be overwhelming. At NVC, we are here to help. Contact us and learn more about how we can improve audit your Social Media Performance and achieve all your Digital Marketing goals.

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