Compliance and Risks

It is a software company headquartered in Ireland that is looking to modernize its software application and related services. The engagement kicked off on February 28th with a 10-week analysis phase led by our NVC team. During this stage, we will also complete an assessment and create a strategic plan to transform the solution in the following phases. 

Interplay Learning

A Texas-based company specializing in virtual reality training for the workforce through a subscription-based SaaS (Software as a Service) platform. NVC is providing them with a full sales enablement team, responsible for making outbound calls to the client’s prospects with the intention of scheduling introductions for their Sales Team. 

The Services Group (TSG)

This is a client that provides IT talent to its customers. NVC is providing accounting and treasury BPO services to position the company for rapid expansion. NVC and TSG are also seeking ways to partner and leverage each other’s respective strengths and accelerate growth for both companies. 


The client is going through a large acquisition effort to merge the different entities into one consolidated software company. We continue to expand our team for this client as we are assisting them in a multitude of ways and, as of recent, even managing the delivery of one of their larger projects. 


We are currently supporting this client with their internal software development projects as they look to diversify their Indian presence by stretching into LATAM, through leveraging NVC services. We have assembled a Java/React Developer and C# Developer team to create a brand-new IT development taskforce for this client. 

AmeriCasa Dream Homes

New features and new buyers journey options will be added to the MyAmeriCasa.com digital experience this month. We continue to provide both RPO and standard recruiting services to help build AmeriCasa American and Colombian presence through NVC. A client who we have provided and will continue to provide a full suite of services.  

AmeriCasa Communities

The new website platform for AmeriCasa Communities has been launched! This new page includes a credit application for lot and house selection, payment reservation for lots and homes, and complete connection to AOSP. It’s the first step into the future of our client, AmeriCasa! 

We are hiring! 

Check out the job opportunities NVC has to offer

Data Architect

We are looking for a Data Architect to build, optimize and maintain conceptual and logical database models for existing data.

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Cloud Architect

We are looking for a professional for overseeing all aspects of cloud computing strategy and practice, program approvals, and management.

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QA Engineer

As a QA Automation Engineer, you will be using state-of-the-art technology to execute test cases for enterprise edition middleware software.

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React Developer

We are looking for developers specializing in REACT, with the skills and desire to work with a leading consulting software company.

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Java Architect

We are looking for a Java architect, you'll do this by upgrading, defining, and integrating a complete architecture that will support applications.

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IT Project Manager

The role of the Project Manager is to define and manage the entire process of product implementation and expansion projects for our customers and partners.

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NVC recognizes the most outstanding employees of the month. We are consistently amazed by your performance and commitment. Keep up the splendid work! 


Maribel Rincon


Carolina Muñoz 

Repair & Service

Sebastian Estupiñan 


Gabriela Diaz 

Processing Agent

Martha Alba


Saul Rodriguez .

Lead Generation Agent

Maria Jose Ramirez 

Admin. Department

Luz Estella Sandoval 



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01Fun at Work Day        

18Get To Know Your Customers Day

19Wear Your Pajamas to Work” Day 

21National High-Five Day

28Take Our Kids To Work Day



Cheers for our colleagues who celebrate their birthday this month!



Laura Martinez



Leonardo Londoño



Andres Lopez



Elkin Gonzalez



Jorge Vizcaino



Sebastian Bohorquez

The Best Place to Work!

At NVC, we prepare events every month for important celebrations and milestones.

International Womens and Men’s Day celebration at NVC 

Celebrating the men and women who are part of our success!

At NVC we celebrated the role that each one plays in our society, their achievements, and the positive value that they bring to the world. On their day we gave the men and women who are part of our team a small gift as a gesture to express appreciation and recognition for their effort and contribution to our company.

Thank you, team. You are ALL, the best!


Lets welcome to our team the new hires

Laura Avella   Recruiter   NVC 
Pedro Concha   R&S Assistant   AmeriCasa/NVC 
Laura Martinez  Booking Agent   Interplay Learning  
Nathalia Sanabria   Booking Agent   Interplay Learning  
Lauren Albadan   Booking Agent   Interplay Learning  
Carolina Vazquez   Prospecting Agent   Interplay Learning  
Miguel Bogota  Angular Developer  NVC 
Daniel Agudelo  DevOps  NVC 
Gabriel Herrera   Full Stack Developer  NVC 
Luis Correa  Angular Developer  NVC 
Paula Rodriguez   Jr Accountant   AmeriCasa/NVC 
Arun R Rao   Product Manager   NVC 
Melanie Barreto   Content Creator   NVC 
Maria Herrera   R&S Assistant   AmeriCasa/NVC 
YashWantha   Jr. QA Analyst  NVC 
Angelica Herron  Sr Recruiter  NVC 
Paula Castiblanco   Jr Accountant   NVC 



English on-site classes

At NVC we give you the best rewards for being part of our team and for all your effort.

We want to support your efforts by giving you the opportunity to sharpen your communication skills and shatter the language barriers. Mastering the English Language will open doors for you in your professional life and make you more competitive. This way you can stand out in your position within NVC and in your career.

Please Contact our English Teacher at

Thank you for being a part of NVC!

How does NVC select I.T talent?

At NVC we look for our team members to always have a hunger to learn, grow and try new things. We are looking for the right people to help us make the right technological decisions for our clients. Let us hear from John Mercadante, NVC Executive Vice President, explain the qualities we look for in IT professionals!