Digital Transformation

A Digital Transformation process involves a series of challenges. Certainly, the most critical being change resistance. Therefore, a CEO must be the biggest motivator when it comes to meeting these challenges through Change Management.

In other words, organizations are facing a new business landscape; leaders must certainly implement transformational changes that help their companies meet the requirements of a new digital economy. For this reason, new change management strategies have emerged to guide CEOs through this process. likewise, the ability of leaders to effectively communicate these strategies is key to renewing the team’s mindset and culture in favor of transformation.

A team that is not committed to adopting new technologies, or that doesn’t understand the purpose of the transformation, is unlikely to achieve the objectives of the organization. Therefore, underestimating the importance of motivating your team and training them to cooperate could be detrimental.

If you’re a CEO or a team leader, consider these activities to shape a committed team, focused on achieving your Digital Transformation goals.

  • Identify Change Ambassadors

    Internal Change Agents understand the main concerns of the team members on different topics such as adoption of new technologies. As a result, these people could develop actions and encourage positive attitudes towards change with their co-workers.

  • Keep lines of communication open: :

    Promoting neutral communication channels, as well as, meeting with the team and being open to feedback improves the sense of participation and shared growth. In other words, the employees are the eyes of the company, they provide firsthand insights of the company’s reputation within their customer base.

  • Provide Training

    For a long-lasting, satisfying performance of the team, leaders can’t expect employees to learn a new skill overnight. Therefore, providing the appropriate training and the timely support of the IT department is crucial in a culture that fosters change.

  • Demonstrate Strong Leadership

    Great leaders are characterized primarily by their ability to inspire change through an enthusiastic approach. So, the CEOs vision of the organization should be strong enough to motivate the possible extra effort the changes imply. Keep your team up to date on why the transformation is taking place and the long-term benefits whenever possible.

  • Make Change Familiar

    The goal is to view the change as a natural process of adaptation and not as a threat. Therefore, by identifying the “resistant to change” employees and understanding their negative attitudes toward transformation, you can explain in a more familiar language the whole process and benefits.


At NVC, we are always driven by company culture. In fact, we have been continuously developing solutions based on our client’s needs and our team expertise. Surely, this can help you implement real change into your company’s people, process and technologies. If you need help on your Digital Transformation process, let us guide you on the best approach to manage change efficiently.  



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